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Patch of high-quality thermal-adhesive clothing, embroidered with brightly colored thread,
directly applicable to clothing (backpack, hat, sweater, jeans ...).

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UTILIZATION Recommended adhesion conditions: Iron: Temperature settings: 180ºC. approx. Heat application time: 15 seconds. The patch can be fixed with the household iron or it can be sewn to the clothes. To apply with the iron: 1. Prepare the patch and preheat the iron (180ºC). 2.Smooth the clothes in which you want to apply the patch and choose the place where you will position it. Place a cloth between the iron and the patch to protect the clothing and thread from the patch. 3. Hold the iron on the patch for about 15 seconds. 4. Turn the clothes over and repeat the ironing / gluing process on the back of the clothes (Heat facilitates the melting of the glue). 5. Hold the iron on the patch for about 20 seconds. 4. When the patch cools, check that it has adhered well. In case it has not been stuck well, repeat the previous steps. SECURITY: The patch, the embroidery threads, the thermal sealing glue and the fabric have passed the test of harmful substances.

  • Alto 8 cm
  • Ancho 5 cm

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