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La Traca, card game

The mechanics of this game are known to all, it is the game of the Oca, but the nearest, also known as 'La Oca independentista'

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Game Instructions:
Players: between 2 and 4 players.
Objective: Travel the complete circuit as quickly as possible. Regulation: Each player pulls the dice and moves his card the number of squares indicated by this one. All the boxes that have the number in red have some function. If the player falls to one of the squares with the flag he is transferred to the next flag and immediately returns to throw the dice. It is called "Señera a senyera y tiro para que España me traslade". However, the sign box is not the only special box: 6 - If the player falls to box 6, the bridge, moves to the next bridge located in box 12. 19 - If the player falls to box 19, the "Posada PePe", in this inn the Catalans are not welcome, they call us "the Poles": 2 shifts without throwing. 26 and 53 - If the player falls to box 26, the castellers move to box 53 and vice versa, if a player falls into box 53 "makes wood", and move back to box 26. 30 - If the player falls into box 30, the well, "Hacienda de España", has already drunk oil, the money from his taxes will no longer return to Catalonia: 3 shifts without throwing. 42 - If the player falls into box 42, "The Labyrinth Constitutional Court", here the Statute when it entered will take 1 year and when it comes out and nobody recognized it, therefore, it has crashed it, go back to the box 33 "the caganer" and there are 2 turns without pulling. 52 - If the player falls to box 52, "model" jail, there is left 1 turn without pulling. 58 - If the player falls to box 58, the death "The dictator", go back to box number 1. Important: You can only reach the last box with an exact number. A player who takes a higher amount will be forced to retreat the number of spaces equivalent to the one that exceeds the end. Example: If the player is at number 60 and number 5 comes out, he must move on to the end and move back to box 61. Enjoy it!
  • Alto 32 cm
  • Ancho 32 cm
  • Edicion nº
  • Núm. pàgines -
  • Materials Plasticized cardboard / 4 mm

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